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What a great video!
My wife is getting mad at me for watching it so many times.
Keep up the good work. The editing/sound was perfect.
I'm still working with imovie!
-Gary A

Virgil, really enjoyed your video. The composition, subjects and over-all beauty were excellent. I would have enjoyed a little more narration as to where and what was going on - I guess you just didn't want to spoil the "mood". There is a shortage of aviation videos featuring floatplanes, look forward to your next installment.
Stay warm,
Ron Bull

Glad to hear that you are planing more videos. Even those who are not primarily armchair adventurers enjoy good footage of their interests and yours was great. I don't mind your using my comments if they can be of any use to you.

Ron Bull

Hi virgil,
I am just writing to say congratulations and well done on producing a very fine documentary. I am an Australian pilot who has collected a few DVDs and videos such as "Bushpilots of Alaska" and all the "Browns" seaplane videos, your production is by far the best I have seen yet. The content and quality is exceptional! All my flying so far is bush time in Australia flying mail runs etc and I am just about to get my first start on floats in Strahan, Tasmania. Your movie has really wet my appetite and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for your next one!
cheers Adam.

Hey Virgil,

A quick note to express my appreciation for your fine work on the DVD.

I showed it to several Kenmore Air pilots and they thought you did a very professional job.

Chuck Perry

Hey Virgil,
I don't expect you to remember me,  I met you in Ketchikan @ Pro Mech and over at Dave Rocke's house...

Anyhow,  I saw Thor Johnson last week in Louisville, KY  and he showed me your video...MOST EXCELLENT !
Gotta have one... actually gonna order one tomorrow. ...I will be buying one copy for myself but sure would be interested in getting another copy or two for friends...

Lee Arnold

I purchased your Ketchikan float plane DVD from you at the Alaska Aviation Trade Show in Anchorage in May.  Excellent production quality and content. Very informative and entertaining.

Former Technical Writer for Jeppesen Sanderson

I made it to Lake hood a few weeks ago and got a copy of your movie. Nice Job!!! I think I have watched it about 5 times now. Joyce (my girlfriend) even likes watching it. Things have slowed to a more manageable pace in Talkeetna. The crevasses have opened up so the skis are off the plane and the climbers have all gone home...

Talk to you later, Will


"Dr. S wrote:
My twins are 19 months old and love this video. They choose it over baby einstien dvds.
When can we expect a second dvd?

Eileen (mom)

I bought a copy of your CD at the Alaska Airmen's show. It's really been a pleasure to watch. My boys and I let it loop again and again, and each time we see another detail that hadn't seen in earlier viewings. You're definitely fueling my Walter Mitty fantasy to ditch the rat race and fly floats in Southeast.

Eric Gross




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